It’s your vote, so make it count

By The Columbia Chronicle

In case you didn’t know, Nov. 3rd is Election Day. And while you may not know who is running for what or care about their platform, you should exercise your right to vote. Too often people (especially people our age) take their right to vote for granted, and in most cases, choose not to vote.

We can give you a lot of reasons why you should vote, but we know that the decision is yours to make. The only thing we ask is that you take into conderation is the long struggles that African-Americans, women and others had to endure in order to gain the right to vote. Remember that regardless of how long the voting process may take or whether or not your vote will make a difference, you as a citizen of the United States have the right to vote. So on Nov. 3rd, don’t sit around doing nothing. Go to your voting place and make a difference. VOTE.

The following is the official list of endorsements from The Columbia Chronicle:


Carol Moseley-Braun (D)


George Ryan (R)

Lt. Governor-

Corrine Wood (R)

Attorney General-

Jim Ryan (R)

Secretary of State-

Jesse White (D)


Chris Lauzen (R)


Judy Baar Topinka (R)

Cook County President-

John Stroger Jr. (D)

Cook County Treasurer-

Anthony Peraica (R)

Cook County Sheriff-

Michael Sheahan (D)

Cook County Assessor-

James M. Houlihan (D)