The Student at Large

By The Columbia Chronicle

Rob Hart

Assistant Photography Editor

It seems that everyone has an opinion these days about Bill Clinton or why taxes are too high. So why is voter turnout so low? If everyone we talked to at Columbia this past week had an answer, voter turnout would be much better than it is.

According to polls, Americans think the Clinton saga has been drug out for too long and most blame the Republicans for bringing out books and video tapes of information, so why in the two biggest elections right now Republicans are leading the polls?

George Ryan and Peter Fitzgerald are beating their rivals in the polls, yet everyday we hear Republicans being blamed for dragging the impeachment hearings out. People are quick to complain, but when it comes time to vote they say, “my vote will never count.”

A lot of students I talked to said that they were uniformed about the issues and some didn’t know who was in office or what was coming up in the next election. In a way we in the media have to take the blame.

How many times have you heard on the news or read the headline in the newspaper something that didn’t involve what one candidate was saying about the other? How many times in the last months have you heard about the legislation Bill Clinton is working on?

Voters have a tough time sorting through the dirt and focusing on the issues that really concern them. You may still think your vote may not amount to anything, but it counts more than your complaining.