Jordan in trouble, could it be?

By The Columbia Chronicle

Rob Steva

Sports Editor

Last Monday Michael Jordan took to the courts once again. Only this time he wasn’t sinking the game-winning shot at the buzzer.

Instead, MJ was answering questions about whether he left a movie company hanging by backing out of a film contract. Jordan is being sued for $16-$20 million by the producers of a 1991 basketball movie, “Heaven Is a Playground.”

Jordan testified that he did not back out of the deal, claiming that he wanted to do the movie all along but the production company had failed to obtain financial backing. At one point during the four-hour hearing, Jordan said “I wanted to participate, I maintained enthusiasm.”

Jordan claimed he was very patient and stuck with the film and even gave back a first payment of $50,000 in hopes of raising money for the production. He also testified that under agent David Falk’s provision the deal was to be tentative. “It was my understanding that it was a letter of intent. I also understood that it was not the final contract,” said Jordan.

Heaven Corp. says that Falk committed the Bulls’ superstar when he was still just another great player, then pulled him out of the deal as Jordan’s stock soared. The film’s backers contend that they would have had a smash hit had he not reneged, thus costing the company millions.

Jordan has countersued Heaven Corp., claiming the company lied about having the proper financial backing.