Off The Blotter

By The Columbia Chronicle

1. Tequila run

Two men were taken into custody when they stole more than $115 worth of liquor from Jewel Osco, 1224 S. Wabash Ave., on Sept. 20, according to police reports. A security guard at the store witnessed a 43-year-old man on an place four bottles of 1800 Tequila into another man’s backpack and then attempt to leave without paying for it. Police were called to the scene where they placed the offenders into custody and charged them with retail theft.

2. Stealing from veterans

The director of Veterans Services at Volunteers of America, 47 W. Polk St., arrived at his office Sept. 22 to find property valued at about $4,500 stolen, according to police reports. The victim told police he returned to his office and discovered $2,500 in CTA transit cards of various denominations, $1,500 worth of Walmart gift cards and 15 USB flash drives valued at a total of $500 all missing from his filing cabinet. Police searched the area but found no evidence.

3. Couldn’t get to jail fast enough

While on a routine foot surveillance of the Roosevelt CTA’s elevated platform, 22 E. Roosevelt Road., police observed a 25-year-old man expose himself and urinate on the platform in full view of CTA patrons and police on Sept. 23. According to police reports, the patrolling officers approached him and saw he was drinking a 12-ounce can of beer. After displaying their police badges, the officers placed the offender in custody and read him his Miranda rights. While performing a custodial search, police retrieved from the offender’s pocket a .22 caliber, semi-automatic weapon containing six live rounds. The offender then indicated to officers that he was on parole. He was charged with unlawful possession of a handgun, according to police reports.

4. Half-cracked

According to police reports, a man was seen at a BP Amoco gas station, 1221 S. Wabash Ave., harassing customers at gas pumps on Sept. 21. The offender was asked to cease actions and to leave the property, but refused. Police placed the offender in custody. During a search, they found a glass pipe in his pocket. The offender was charged with possession of drug paraphernalia.

5. Throw the baggie up in the air

On Sept. 22, police saw a 19-year-old male loitering in front of the University Center, 525 S. State St. The man was repeatedly touching the waistline area of his pants, according to police reports. When the officers approached, he reached for his waistline and immediately threw an object to the ground. The officers retrieved the object and found a resealable baggie containing a crushed, green plant-like substance, suspected to be marijuana. Officers placed the man in custody and sent the substance in the baggie to a crime lab for further analysis.